The Best Tips To Take Action For Your Business And Stop Overthinking For Stay at Home Moms

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As a stay at home mom, your workload is already maxed out!

How can we possibly contemplate the idea of adding EVEN MORE to our workload?! We have to keep the house clean (whatever your definition of clean is), keep up with the chores, keep up with the kiddos (who are their own category and subcategory of lists that need to be dealt with!), and then to add it all up… now we need to start our own business by making a plan, finding content, gaining traffic, and keeping a strong following.

Trust me, I can relate. That’s why it was SO easy for me to keep putting my business on hold! Once I started my freelancing journey (I count my starting point when I made a big investment to a company) I was going good for about…. 2 months. I wiped out later. Then, I ended up taking a 3 month hiatus and was overthinking every little thing imaginable. I had an excuse to avoid working on my business everyday and I ended up spending all of my free time on instagram and netflix.

How do you know when excessive thinking has hindered your productivity?

We need to be brutally honest here. It is extremely easy for us moms to try to multi-task every part of our lives and some days… we seem to excel at it and be at the top of our game. Yet there are days when we just stare at the wall and everything seems to fall at our shoulders at once and our perfect plan is now… not so perfect. Those are the most obvious signs when you’re in your head too much. Now lets talk about the subtle signs. The ones that actually happen more often and is the real cause for MOST of our procrastination. But since it’s not as dramatic…. it falls under the “it’s not a problem” section on our list.

how to take action for your business. frustrated with laptop. hands covered face.

I’m talking about the times when we are suppose to be making a plan for pitching to new clients, but you are too caught up in social media since pitching is out of your comfort zone.

But wait…. that doesn’t sound like overthinking… right?

You’re right, but it’s the PRODUCT from over thinking. Let’s use the “out of our comfort zone” example. You’re a new blogger, but you need to make money now. So you offer services on your website that will benefit others (basically like being a virtual assistant)….. except you have NEVER made a pitch to a small business owner before and you freak out. You’re thinking along the lines of … I’m not qualified… I never worked for anyone online before… it’s taking time away from my blog…there’s no point…how do I do taxes… and the list just goes on.

So now you’re freaking out and you need a release HENCE social media and following up on your favorite tv show actors/singer/blogger and how they’re living it up! If this happens to you a lot (like every single day to the point it’s a week later and you still haven’t pitched), then you may have a liiiiittle problem with overthinking. BUT THAT’S OKAY! It’s natural and honestly it happens to the best of us. Luckily, I found some good tips that have worked wonders for me and I know it will do the same for you!

Best Tips to stop overthinking!

Tip 1: Write It Down!

  • I know… I know. You read this tip constantly, but it’s one of the most common answers for a reason. It helps keep your mind going in a clear direction and it allows room for creativity. If it’s extremely hard for you (like it still is for me), give yourself more time because it may become a thing you love. Here are some of my suggestions to focus on when starting…
    • Your Why: what’s the main reason why you want to start your business? Is it your kiddos? To help with finances? To find yourself again?
    • Your ideas: I don’t care if you think it is too small, WRITE IT DOWN! Keep a space in your planner or notebook and get to writing! Make a graph and connect your smaller ones or keep a list. You never know when it will come together and give you a fantastic plan.
    • Personal Goals: It can’t be just about your business, otherwise you’re going to lose balance. What do you hope to gain outside of your business? Do you have any skills that you want to learn? What kind of surprise can you do for your family? What movie do you want to save up and go to?!
    • The Big Picture: How do you see yourself AND your business 5, 10, 20 years down the road? How will your business benefit others?

Tip 2: Find an Accountability Partner!

  • It’s a great start to write things down, but when it comes to those subtle moments of procrastination from overthinking…. we tend to let our goals go down the toilet. That’s why it is so great to have an accountability partner! It doesn’t have to be your hubby (especially if he’s not too keen on the idea of you having an online business)!! Here are some of my suggestions to do with your AP!
    • Set monthly goals for your business and turn it into weekly actions! (For example, writing one blog post a week!). Send your list to your AP and ask them to check up with you mid-week and the day before the week ends!
    • If you are stressing about your business, send them a call or text immediately! Let them know you need a vent session and set up a coffee date! You could jot down some key stressors or just let the conversation go wild (I prefer the latter).
    • Ask them for constructive criticism. It’s hard to hear it, but you need someone who is not afraid to hurt your feelings and be real. Sometimes we can set our expectations too high and we need to help to come back down to earth. It sucks, but it’s needed to make realistic goals. It’s okay if your AP isn’t someone in business….sometimes the best advice is from someone on the outside.

Tip 3: Time Block

  • Since you are a stay at home mom, odds are you know how your typical day goes. In that case, take some time a jot down a time block calendar. It doesn’t have to be too specific (believe me, mine isn’t), but you need to have time for your business and family! In that case, write down your typical day and take a minute to analyze it. Do you have a couple hours in the morning or night to work on your business? When you are about to start, set a timer and get to work. Once that timer is done, STOP. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a middle of writing a post, making a picture, working on an ad. Stop, move on, and remember that your business isn’t going to break because you didn’t finish this one task at the moment. Trust me, it’s the best thing for your sanity.

Tip 4: Take Time For Yourself

  • It’s so easy to overlook your self-care, but if you want to succeed as a work at home mom then you need to take care of yourself. It doesn’t have to be a spa get away, but it has to be something that gives you that “ahhhhhh” feeling! This isn’t just good for your business, it’s good for your family too. You’re a tough mommy, but you can’t do it all! Give yourself time and space to grow and learn. Yes, everyone has 24 hours in a day. It’s important that you find YOUR balance and to avoid comparing yourself to others who have been in the game for years and are STILL trying to find their own balance! Remember, it takes time for everything to grow…. Here’s some of my favorite “me time” recipes!
    • Face masks with my hubby (don’t tell him I told you!!!)
    • Playing Kingdom Hearts (I’m a nerd)
    • Going to bed at 8pm (possibly one of my favorites)
    • Drinking hot chocolate and watch Outlander. (yes….. just yessss)

The Big Takeaway You Need To Keep With You From This Article

  • Take care of yourself, you’re only human and you need breaks.
  • You’re business will grow, so take time if you need it.
  • You’re family loves you even on the most hectic days, so give yourself some credit.

It’s a tough journey when you start that transition from being a stay at home mom to a work at home mom. As long as you have your goals in mind, your family on your side, and your heart in the right place… then you’re going to make it!

Wishing you all the best, xoxo

Leeza Harrington

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