Hire Me!

Are You Getting Frustrated With Growing Your Business?

There’s a lot of tasks that need to get done to scale your business, but it’s not always what you love doing or it takes time away from creating the content! Don’t Worry, that’s where I come in!

*Currently looking for 2 more clients!!

***I strongly recommend that we do a paid trial period of at least 2 weeks to see how things go for the both of us!***

Hi, my name is Leeza and I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant! My goal is to help take tasks off your shoulders so you can focus on (and enjoy again) creating content for your business! I want to help decrease stress and help scale your business to the next level! I can do it in a multitude of different ways such as….

Don’t worry, we can create custom packages that best fit your needs. Ready to get started?!

Fees start at $25/hr.

Email me at: mompreneur@leezaharrington.com