The Best Courses & Tips to Start Your Business as a Online Entrepreneur (Great for Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, and Virtual Assistants)

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The best courses to start YOUR own business

I’m sure you see it every day. Influencers who stress that you need their products in order for you to start your own business and suceed! It’s frustrating because we either go all in with their products and expect things to work out. Or we go back and forth so much that we never take action towards our business. Then we start to question if this is something we can actually achieve. Does any of this sound familiar?

Believe me, I understand. I am easily moved with success stories and I am always ready to start instantly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be for your wallet. Luckily, I was able to space between payments and had the support of my husband. More importantly the courses actually helped me create a foundation for my business.

In this article, I’m going to tell you what actually worked out towards my benefit and why. Also, what to keep in mind in order to make sure these or any courses are right for your business. This will save your sanity and your wallet!

The most common problem for buying courses towards your business.

From my experience, the most common problem for new entrepreneurs is the shiny object syndrome. This is where we read tons of articles of successful people and their recommended digital products. Then buy their products instantly, without thinking of the possible consequences. This happens because you and I love to see ourselves as a successful entrepreneur. We want to make sure that we skip all the learning curves in order to get to success faster!! That’s not a bad thing!

We need that inspiration to help us through the toughest times. Yet, if it gets out of hand then it’s not going to look good for your bank account. If you buy too many courses at once, you have so much information at once you can’t make a plan! Let alone the biggest disappointment, that it’s an older course with a teacher who doesn’t update it.

best courses to start your business with money

How to avoid the SOS!!

You need to be honest about your current situation. Starting a business could be very budget friendly depending on what you want to do, such as blogging. However, most of the time it’s not. It’s going to take investments on your end because in most cases as a new freelancer we know nothing about the online world other than using it for social media and buying products online! The trick is…. you need to be very critical about what you’re going to invest in. I’ll be honest…. I wasn’t! Luckily, the courses ended up being very informative for me and gave me actionable steps and motivation to move forward. However, this is not the case for most people who instantly buy the first course they see!

Here are some questions to ask yourself & actions to take when you’re about to buy a course for your business:

  • What is the reputation of the creator?
  • How long have you been following the creator?
  • Do you feel they are trustworthy?
  • Search through positive and negative reviews.
  • How is your budget?
    • Are you willing to invest in yourself with the possibility that it could take 1-2 years to pay off.
    • What is the max amount you can afford in a 6 month period?
  • What are the pros and cons of joining?
  • Is their free material helpful or clickbait?
  • Follow their newsletter subscription for at least a month and see if you like what they’re giving you.
  • Do you already have some of the digital products they recommend in their resource list?
  • Can you find a couple hours a day/week to work on the course?

If you are looking into how to do digital marketing, start a successful blog, how to earn a passive income, and being a virtual assistant… then these products below can be a great resource for you!

Best Courses I Use For My Business

I will write review articles about each of these products and the other courses I bought in order to go through the pros and cons.

Budget Boot Camp by Jordan Page “Fun Cheap or Free”

I literally wish I could go back in time and buy this earlier. My husband and I are not the greatest at budgeting… I mean we had to sell our house for an example of how bad we are…. and this course is a gold mine. I’m putting this at the top of my list because we could all use a little help with our wallet, especially if you’re planning on investing in yourself. As a stay at home mommy, you always need to put your family first and make sure they are taken care of.

So here’s some highlights about Jordan Page and why I invested in her course. She started her online journey in 2011 and quickly became known as the frugal queen. She was able to closely relate with moms because she spoke from their point of view! So she crafted her articles towards home problems that came with money and how to fix them. For example, how to cut your grocery bill in half with a family of 5 without using coupons! She gave so much free information that actually benefited moms and later she started to appear on tv with people like Rachel Ray!!!!! From then on her business just grew because moms everywhere testified on how simple her tips were and that they actually worked.

Then came budget boot camp! She decided to go more in depth into key areas that truly affected her own family (they went through their own financial disaster) and highlighted that into her course. Since she is all about frugal living, she made sure to keep the course at a reachable price along with an affordable payment plan! She does offer a money back guarantee, but it’s usually not needed because from her feedback… most of her students were able to save that much money within 3 or so months!

Some of my favorite parts of budget boot camp

  • 27 Lessons that range from how to start using the 70/20/10 to when you’re paycheck isn’t enough.
  • She makes it easy to understand by relating it to fitness goals
  • TONS of “homework” such as creating your budget BMI!
  • You can also check out her YouTube channel where she gives so much helpful information for free.
    • her grocery tips saved my life.

Start a Mom Blog by Suzi Whitford

Originally, I didn’t start out as a blogger. I decided to do YouTube because I thought that would be the best method for me. I was so wrong. That’s a post for another day though. I found Suzi’s blog through an affiliate article as I was looking into courses on how to create and make a blog profitable. It was funny because I had actually heard about Suzi two years prior from reading this article!! Back then, I debated for a long time whether I should start my own business and then Facebook advertised her to me. I followed her for awhile until I decided that it wasn’t the right time.

Now that I found her site again…. I figured what the heck. I liked her personality, her blog was insightful, and she is a stay at home mom so I could relate! Then I went on a buying spree and bought about 80% of her courses… hubby wasn’t the happiest, but when he saw my website he agreed it was worth it!

So here’s some more highlights about Suzi that made me want to invest in her course. Besides the fact that I already knew about her 2 years prior, I checked out her blog again. In pretty much every article, she goes in depth on a problem that needs to be solved and she does the craziest thing…. she actually answers it. As in, her article has so much information that it doesn’t seem like she’s holding anything back in order to get people to buy her courses! Don’t get me wrong I was able to see how she went 100% in on the information for her courses vs the articles about the same subject now… but before I couldn’t think of how she could add more!

Some of her courses are on the more expensive side, but she does offer other courses that are as low as $9! To make things even better… she offers a free 12 month plan for your blog along with a 30 day plan to kick start your blogging journey! I would suggest the free courses first to see if her teaching style makes sense to you (most of her sections in the courses are usually bite size information that’s perfect during your kiddos nap time!).

Here are the top 3 courses that have helped me grow my business!

  • Blog by Number– is a step by step (in the literal terms where she shows you everything on the screen) and tells you how to use wordpress, her recommended free theme, plugins, 3 pillar articles you need to boost your following, basics on pinterest, and so much more.
  • Optins Course– A quick guide on how to create optins (downloadable freebies) to grow your email list. It’s simple, but very effective!
  • List by Number– She goes in depth for two email services: convertkit and mailerlite. She talks about different landing pages, creating sequences, and how to keep your followers engaged.

Horkey Handbook 30 Days or Less to VA Success by Gina Horkey

For this course, I followed Gina for about 2 years before I was able to finally make that decision to buy from her. The hesitation was because I didn’t buy an online digital course before and I heard so many issues about wasting money on digital products that I got paranoid. Yet, I always came back to her site to read her articles! I kept following her student success stories and was honestly inspired every time. The student stories involve questions for her students who took advantage of her course and took action. Some were able to find a client in two weeks and for others it took a few months.

Because her courses are on the expensive side, it took me awhile to accept the idea that I needed to invest in my self and my work. Until I got to that point I read her articles about email management, her personal story on how she got started, and downloaded her free pdf files on what jobs you could offer as a VA! She also had a free webinar where she gives you an hour of free information and FAQ’s about being a VA and how to start your business right away.

Here are some questions she answered that made the difference for me

  • How to make a reliable paycheck with your client.
  • How to find clients.
  • What niche fits you best.
  • What services to offer.
  • How to pitch to clients
  • And so much more

You also receive a certificate stating that you finished her course and can upload it to your resume, hire me page, or linkedin page!

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe

In here David Sharpe teaches you how to market and brand yourself in a multitude of ways through individual courses or through the Marketers club. David Sharpe has been in the entrepreneur game for over 10 years and has built different business empires and later left. Currently, all of his time has been put into his current business empire: Legendary Marketer.

I first found David on YouTube through one of his (most popular) affiliate Nathan Lucas. I was randomly searching online on how to earn passive income, because I loved the idea of having different sources of income! In the video Nathan talked about how affiliate marketing works and his top affiliate companies. Naturally, I went straight to the top of the list and researched more about Legendary Marketer! It was much easier to find negative reviews about the company and how it was a scam unlike that person’s specific affiliate company.

So I decided to head on over to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). I highly recommend to utilize this website if you’re in the USA before joining a business company. The top things they said to look out for was a pyramid scheme (commission only through people who joined), no income disclosure, among other important files.

  • Is Legendary Marketer a pyramid scheme?- No, because they sell digital products and you (as an affiliate) will receive commission from any products someone buys through your affiliate link.
  • Does Legendary Marketer have an income disclosure, terms of service, privacy policy, etc?- Yes. It can all be found at the bottom of the website.
    • The One Downside of Legendary Marketer? – Unlike other affiliate links for courses…. the only affiliate links available to you are the 15 Day Challenge. This is a downside in my opinion because I would love the freedom of having links that went straight to their individual digital courses.
    • 15 Day Challenge Funnel– David Sharpe speaks to you through video formatting and wants to help you find out who your targeted audience is, what areas you can improve, how to start your own business, and more! The goal is that at the end of the 15 Day challenge you will walk away with a business plan and be able to get started. $7

Honestly, Legendary Marketer is a whole article (or multiple articles) by itself so I promise to go more in depth later…. The big take away is that if you don’t want to bother going through the funnel and head straight to the courses… click here. You could always request to be an affiliate for them later. Just understand that if you decide to be an affiliate for their company, you will only receive commission from someone if they buy any of the courses through one of the 4 funnels. (Support said that they might add affiliate links for individual courses in the future so cross your fingers!!)

Top Legendary Marketer courses that have helped me:

  • Traffic Rolodex: David actually doesn’t teach this course. Instead he partnered up with Adsense. In here he talks about everything that involves paid advertising. For example, how to install and track data in order to make a budget for your advertisements and how much profit you will receive. It covers advertisement in…
    • Adwords, Facebook, GDN, Instagram, Landing Pages, Native ads, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint- This course is taught by Steph Perez, who makes over 6 figures a month through affiliate marketing. She talks to you about niches, opportunities, creating landing pages, email marketing, social media, and how to build your affiliate business.
  • Digital Products Blueprint- This course is taught by Mark Harbert. A fantastic guy and he shows up a lot in the webinars for legendary marketer! He tells you how to create your digital products: laying the foundation, how to deliver it to your audience in a way they will understand it, how to sell it, etc. He stresses that you need to focus on what you’re passionate about, if you have the expertise in order to teach others, and how to have it stand out from other digital courses.

Pinning Perfect by Anna Luther and Melissa Culberston

Before I took Pinning Perfect, I only used Pinterest around twice a year. I didn’t understand it and I couldn’t see what was so great about.

Then I started researching about different ways to gain organic traffic and Pinterest just kept popping up! I wanted to give it a chance because I didn’t feel very comfortable using YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to gain a following… Mainly because I strictly used those as keeping up with other entrepreneurs, my friends, and my family. I didn’t want to clash my personal life with my business.

I need to be honest….this course made a huge impact on me. Whether you’re trying to promote your blog, youtube videos, instagram, digital products, online store, services….. Pinterest is probably the best source of traffic you could use. As long as you’re promoting something that can be bought, tried, or take action with.. you’re in the clear! The course taught me how profitable Pinterest can be towards your business and best of all…. they geared it strictly on organic traffic!

They give you excel sheets to keep up to date with your pinning, they have in depth strategies, how to create the best pinnable images, but more importantly…. Melissa actually works with Pinterest. As long as the information isn’t confidential…. she shares it with us, her students. They constantly update the course every 6 months and they debunk a lot of myths about how to use Pinterest. So if you need traffic…. this is the course to buy.

Don’t have time to go through the course?

The biggest take aways you need from this article

  • It’s going to take time and research to find the right courses that match your needs.
  • What works for one person may not work as well for you.
  • Always adjust as you go, there’s no need to buy all the courses you want at once.
  • You can do this. You will do this. I can’t wait to hear your success stories!

Talk soon! xoxo

Leeza Harrington

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