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Hi my name is Leeza!

Welcome to my website! I created this specifically for moms (but everyone is welcome!) who wish to work from home, but aren’t sure how. It took me a long time in order to find something I was passionate about, and I want to help you reach your passion faster! In this blog we will talk all things WAHM, affiliate marketing, and being a virtual assistant.

I started this journey because our finances were heading down a not so great slope at the moment… I mean hey that’s life. My husband and I got married when we were in our early 20’s (21 and 20 to be exact), immediately got pregnant, bought a house, had to sell the house, later became pregnant with baby #2 (unfortunately we had a miscarriage…), and had to move in with my in laws. Every time we thought we were heading in the right direction…. we kept getting pushed down. We had this heavy weight on our shoulders to fix our problems immediately…

I wanted to help with our finances, but we both agreed (and felt strongly about) that I should be home with our kids. A stay at home mom is a job in of itself, but it doesn’t pay.

Then I finally pushed myself to learn more about freelancing.

I finally found my balance to be a work at home mom!

I would love to share my tips and struggles with you in order to help you find your balance! It can get overwhelming with seeing so many success stories, but can’t relate it to your personal situation. One of my struggles of learning from others was that they were not in the same financial situation I was, and their “make money today” was always a unclear pathway that headed to “make money at some point in the future”.

My goal is to help you make it easier to create a schedule, decide if affiliate marketing or virtual assistant is right for you, and how to make things a little easier in your day to day life. Can’t wait to get to know you!

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